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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  November 10, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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stand. >> were there scratches on ingmar guandique. >> yes. there were. >> you don't believe he killed levy? >> i don't know what i believe. i never heard that. they didn't hear from phillips. ingmar guandique was a slight man. the indication that he wasn't big enough to throw levy down. police were convinced that gary condit murdered levy. he was called to the stand and refused to say if he had an affair with the former intern. he can run now but he can no longer hide. an fbi technician testified that condit's d.n.a. was found on underwear recovered from levy's
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apartment. but that's of little use to ingmar guandique. when the remains were recovered more than a year after she disappeared no d.n.a. was found on her bra, panties or running shorts. >> reporter: some of the most haunting testimony in this haunting trial came from a u.s. park police officer who went to the scene of both levy's death and at previous scenes where ingmar guandique had attacked previous women and he testified they were eerily similar. they were steep terrain, steep drop-off off a trail where ingmar guandique jumped women and knocked them down the hill in order to get them further from help. now, the consequence called a cartographer, a map maker to the stand, and he testified that that kind of terrain is common throughout rock creek park but it is not really clear that the jurors got the testimony from the earlier
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police officer. back to you. >> thank you, bruce, for the update. investigators are digging deeper into last month's cargo bomb plot and they are discovering that terrorists had the east coast of the u.s. in their crosshairs. >> reporter: a bomb designed to explode over the united states. investigators say the device intercepted at east midland airport in britain was diffused with just three hours to spare. it was packed on a plane bound for chicago. forensic teams from scotland yard said it would have exploded at 10:35 a.m. british time, 5:30 a.m. on the east coast. the plane would have about over the eastern seaboard of the u.s. at that point. investigators think al-qaida is responsible for the bomb found in britain and another discovered at a cargo center in
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dubai. there is a prime suspect. authorities say the suspect created the device the underwear bomber wore last year. toner cartridges are banned at airports. syringes were set to detonate plastic explosives packed inside. the fbi is warning cargo companies across the u.s. to double check any package with no return address or excessive postage. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. >> there is a group that is vowing to sends more explosive package. update on a police shooting in false church. a man was spotted in a mercedes last week that was reported stolen. he ran from the scene in the 2100 block of westcott road and after fleeing through the neighborhood police say he was
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able to get back into the stolen car and drive away. he was shot by police. the officer who shot him has been cleared of any wrongdoing. an alleged bank robber didn't make it too far after a holdup in maryland. police say it all began when a teller was forced to hand over money from the washington savings bank in millersville. the holdup happened around 10:30 a.m. maryland state police weren't too far behind. the suspect surrendered after pulling off at route 32 in columbia. the murder of a high school student and wounding of his best friend. these two young men were simply walking down the street. bruce johnson reports the people that shot those teens on monday night may have shot another innocent victim over the weekend. >> he is in surgery. >> reporter: she has agreed to talk with us about her son but only if we can reveal their identity. >> him and joe were going to joe's house and they were
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walking, laughing and talking and the three guys came walking up to them. >> her son was shot and wounded monday night. his best friend was shot and kiln what witnesses say was an unprovoked and senseless display of violence. >> three guys and one gu . >> one gun. >> the three guys came up. >> and they pulled the gun on them? >> yes. >> reporter: it happened in the district's top trinidad neighborhood. the latest neighborhood attack by the three suspects who are still on the street. this past saturday a 26-year- old waiter from the diner followed through men outside after they allegedly stole his backpack. the waiter was shot. now, dc police aren't talking to 9news now but some of the witnesses to the shooting are convinced that the men that shot the young waiter are the same ones that shot the other two. dc police are working hard to
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make an arrest. thus far no public comments from the department and this isn't sitting well with people living in the area and the families of the high school students. >> i'm very destroyed about this because these boys don't bother anyone. they are good boys. >> all day she was at the hospital where her wounded son was undergoing surgery. she knows she is the lucky mother. her new best friend in mourning, cynthia sharps spending her days planning her boy's funeral. >> candle light vigil planned for tomorrow night on holbrook street. a former frostburg university student sentenced to five years in prison today for an off-campus killing. the murder happened last april. hall pleaded guilty. hall claims the shooting was in
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self-defense. security ramped up around georgetown university because of a rash of burglaries in the area over the past few weeks. the plan is for more patrols around off campus opportunities, new security observation reports have been added at prospect street and officers are also conducting student i.d checks at night in the area. investigators trying to find the cause of this fire that heavily damaged a house in prince george's county. sky 9 was over the scene shortly before noon in the 8200 block of anayo court in clinton. five firefighters were treated for minor injuries. neighbors say the house was vacant but it is known to be used by vagrants. maryland lawmakers are demanding answers after an audit showed more than 1300 residents could be driving on suspended or even revoked licences. maryland motor vehicle officials say they started investigating after the audit showed problems with oversight. they blame automated software for some of the problems. a hole in the road is
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causing the repair from hell tonight. we are talking about this intersection of m street and canal road in georgetown. >> here is what it looks like right now. there are steel plates in the roadway that have just been installed to get traffic moving over a broken water valve. there have been waits of more than half an hour just to get over the key bridge and also whitehurst freeway. scott broom reports it is all thanks to a dc water crew that left the job site last night before the road was in shape to handle this morning's heavy traffic. >> reporter: cars inching through deep ruts of an unrepaired m street scraping bottom at times. nightmare traffic where gridlock is already the norm. >> it is very, very slow. >> reporter: on the key bridge a half hour to get across. the whitehurst freeway backed up its entire length. canal road and m street dead stopped. and the cars, they just kept coming and in one case crashing. >> all of a sudden the car in front of me slammed on the
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brakes. i ran into the back of it. of course i started crying. i felt horrible. should have got the job don , right. >> reporter: a crew was fixing a water main break. a new crew showed up at 11:30 a.m. to put plates over the soft ground. instead of using m street traffic was routed through the exxon gas station. it was just a mess. the pipe repair job was done at about 4:00 a.m. but nobody came to fix up the all terrain vehicle tracks that were left behind until about seven hours later. a lot of people out here are wondering whose idea was that >> how come the guys left before the plates were there. >> that i don't know. i don't have that information. >> reporter: allen from dc water says it is his agency's job site. >> because i think we will have it under control either by steel plates or a temporary
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roadway res ration fairly road restoration. >> the water way they are working on right there was installed before the civil war. >> we saw the mess throughout the day. let's get an update on that right now. >> still not a good afternoon. some improvements since the plates were put on the roadway but the pavement very uneven. do not go there until that permanent repair is done. traffic is still stacking up on m street on canal road. again, it will be the same and will affect the bottom of your vehicle if you go too fast. beltway inner loop top side. stop and go there from georgetown road to new hampshire avenue. no broken water mains there
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just heavy traffic to greet you. also brake lights from above the beltway. middle brook road then your speeds pick up northward of that point. ladies? >> thank you, richard. sky 9 captured the scene of a deadly crash this morning. this is around 8:00 a.m. and route 175 in columbia. a saturn crossedded median and collided head on with a minivan. a passenger in the saturn and the driver of the minivan were killed. the driver of the saturn is in the hospital in stable condition. that road was closed for 2.5 hours to investigate. the morning commute turned into a trip to the hospital for several people aboard a metro bus. six adults and child are being checked out. officials say the bus driver had to slam on the brakes to avoid a collision along good hope road. fortunately no serious injuries. still ahead tonight. a story of hope. administrators grant the wish
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of a high school student who might not make it to graduation. a very nice evening. we will slow you temperatures right now. upper 50s in the burbs. we will come back and tell you how close it will get tonight and if we can keep this going through the rest of the week and into the weekend. that stranded cruiseship is making its way back to port. i'm reporting from san diego and will tell you how the passengers are coping. 9traffic now is brought to you by geico.
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tension reaching high today in britain after thousands of students filled the streets in violent protest. nearly 50,000 people marked against a proposal to triple tuition rates in the u.k. to the equivalent of $14,000 a
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year. at one point a group tried to break into a government headquarters before being forced out by police. the british government wants to cut public university funding to save taxpayer money. a stranded cruiseship is slowly making its way back to california. >> can you imagine being stuck out there for three days, no air, no real food? this ship is expected to arrive in port sometime tomorrow and as it is reported from san diego the 4500 passengers and crew on board are trying to cope the best they can. >> reporter: the disabled splendor is being towed to san diego and passengers on board are making the best of a tough situation. a spokesman for carnival cruise lines says guests have been very understanding playing cards and listening to music and dancing. limited cell service has come back and some people have used the ship's phone system to call relatives. thanks to leep from the u.s. military the food situation has improved. although it is not exactly
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fancy. spam, pop tarts and crab meat were air lifted from an aircraft carrier to the stranded ship. if the weather cooperates splendor will arrive here in san diego port around midday thursday. carnival is promising to have flight and hotel reservations ready for all of the passengers. the splendor lost power on monday when a fire broke out in the engine room. the blaze was contained and  there were no injuries but the giant cruiseship was left dead in the water. there was no air-conditioning or hot food. a coastguard cutter is shadowing the 952-foot ship. passengers will get a full refund and free ride on a future carnival cruise. the cause of the fire is under investigation. cbs news, san diego. >> again, this is going to be a costly situation for miami- based carnival cruises as we
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just told you. passengers are going to get their money back. they may opt to take another cruise. if that ship has to dry dock, that could be even more expensive. breaking news out of annapolis where maryland's state attorney general doug gansler filed a complaint because of 112 free recorded messages were designed to keep democrats from going to the polls. his company universal elections incorporated and ronda russell, an employee, are named in the complaint. president obama is in south korea for the g20 summit. injecting $6 billion into the economy has the president on the defensive with the meeting with the world's 20 top powers.
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trying to weaken the dollar giving american goods an unfair advantage. the president will meet with the country's leaders in seoul. he wraps up his trip to asia in japan after that. a call for more teachers today from grammy award winning john legend. he was at hour university with u.s. secretary of education arnie duncan. duncan has encouraged grads to plug the gap. >> i support the obama administration. they are encouraging you to invest in the future, inspire our country's future leaders and become teachers. >> today's appearance by legend is part of a campaign to encourage minorities especially males to pursue careers in education. >> i was out in alexandria
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today. is it fall, is it spring? it was nice. >> mr. legend is living up to his name. that's all i'm saying. >> he didn't even have to play. just being there was enough. >> another beautiful day. it really was. we will keep it going. as it gets nicer here sometimes on the west side of our country, little different. take you out to mt. hood. oh, yeah. little bit of snow. this is just south of 84. not too far from portland. it is clear out there and they had anywhere from 2 to 8 inches of snow. >> already. >> that's not too crazy for them. >> isn't that pretty. >> i know it will be a long winter. >> our next three days. we will keep it going for a while. 60 tomorrow. nice veteran's day. in fact, 61. 63 on friday. great night for high school football. playoff time. game time temperature holding at 50. then nice on saturday. 68 degrees. we will be flirting with 70 over the weekend. our thursday day planner.
5:19 pm
a low 40s to start. sun upper 30s. i got a moon here. sun goes down now 4:59 p.m. i could take a license but i won't i'll keep the moon there. 60 in rockville. 61 in college park. 59 down to the south in springfield. temperatures actually a little bit above average for this time of the year and this time of night. clear skies tonight. cold. relatively cold. not crazy cold. 36 to 44. and winds north easterly at about 5 to 10. lows tonight pretty close to where we were last night. i think inside the beltway low to mid-50s. outside the beltway in the 30s. 38 in rockville. college park. 37 in bowie. upper 30s in fairfax. leastleesburg 36. veteran's day tomorrow. what a great day. sunny, pleasant. 61. and light wind.
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that 61 will actually feel like 61. >> by morning though, grab a coat and shades. sunny with a chilly start. 30s and 40sment winds north easterly at 10. then by afternoon, sunny and pleasant. a gorgeous day. highs around 60. and a light north easterly wind. good deal. even oakland should make it low 50s. upper 50s in couple -- in cumberland. right along the bay. around 60. winds below. small craft advisory right here. next seven days. 61 tomorrow. 63 on friday. upper 60s saturday and sunday. we will keep sunday dry. rain comes in monday afternoon. 59. kind of a cool rain on tuesday. and 53. but even in the wake of that rain, it goes back up to 60. with partly cloudy skies. so so far november has been, well, quite kind to us. certainly kind to high school football friday nights. >> you got it. thank you. up next, caught on tape, a
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man in a wheelchair comes to the help of a store clerk during a violent confrontation.
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caught on tape. a man on a wheelchair comes to the rescue of a convenience store clerk. it happened in canada. when the store keeper would not return a 50-dollar bill he got mad and went behind the counter. that's when larry stepped in and wrestled the guy to the ground. >> do the right thing. afterwards i thought about a knife or something but at the moment it was just like help my friend the clerk. i'm 200 plus pounds. 6'3". so it is just in my blood to stand up for the small person. >> police told the clerk it would be difficult to prove the man knew the 50 was counterfeit and since the assault was minor no charges would be filed. well, let's hope whoever this person is has clean teeth because police in california say a serial tooth brush bandit. i mean, we have heard
5:25 pm
everything now. is in custody. >> quite the racquet here. surveillance video revealed the theft of electric tooth brushes. she was tackled when she tried to leave. she is accused of swiping $7000 worth of tooth brushes. she sold them on craigslist and even the street. if convicted she may have to settle for a regular old tooth brush, nothing electric, in prison. in philadelphia a surveillance camera captured some armed robbers making a run for it after a bank robbery. the trail of smoke. that is a dye pack exploding. police hope the video will help lead them to the gunman. more interesting pictures this time from iowa where a deer jumps completely over a police cruiser. a dash cam captured the leap of faith in knoxville, iowa. obviously this is being
5:26 pm
repeated over and over again. the officer stopped the car momentarily to digest what happened and the deer continued on its way. talk about a wrong number. a detective says he got a call from a man looking to buy drugs. the caller wasn't listening to the detective and a bogus drug deal followed by playing along. >> i couldn't believe that he really was doing this and then he said are you sure this is edwardo and i said, yes, i got a new phone. okay, good. and he actually -- i was stunned. i didn't believe he would follow-through and meet us but he did. >> the caller was not arrested. police used him as an informant to arrest a suspect who was dealing prescription painkillers down the road. >> a whole segment on dumb criminals. coming up at 5:30. the wish of a terminally
5:27 pm
ill student is finally granted but a took a whole community. >> that's coming up.
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a teen's dying wish to get her diploma is granted but it wasn't easy. >> new statistics show q1 out of every 10 school age children
5:30 pm
has been diagnosed with adhd. no or top story a terminally ill high school student's last wishes to receive a diploma. but peggy fox reports it took community activism to make it happen. >> reporter: her dream was to work in the fashion industry but these pictures might be as close as she gets. >> 24 hours a day. administers my pain medication. >> reporter: two years ago at 16 right after transferring into freedom high school zara was diagnosed with an extremely aggressive form of ovarian cancer that kept coming back. >> now there is no more treatment they can do for me. we did all the chemotherapy they could do. >> reporter: now her community has sprung into action to help
5:31 pm
zara. these women designed and installed a brand-new room for zara that she calls her fantasy bedroom. other neighbors are bringing meals and another help her get an honourary high school diploma. they will present her with the diploma here at her home on friday. while that is welcome news for zara what would bring her even more joy would be to see her father once again. >> he would love to come and be with husband children if he can in a heart beat. >> reporter: her mother says her father, who was in the united states army reserve was deported to pakistan when she was only two because of a fraud conviction. >> getting him from where he is to the states right now seems like an impossible task but it is very important to me and my mom, my brother. >> reporter: peggy fox, 9 news now. >> she has a piece of advice if you have a sick friend. go visit them. she says it is better than any
5:32 pm
gift. >> relief tonight after schools were forced to lock down today because of a violent threat. a woman called a radio station warning her husband planned to open fire. the tip was followed by an e- mail to authorities threatening that, quote, "something big was going to happen. investigators are still trying to figure out who the woman and her husband are. no one was hurt but there was a lockdown. a father who stormed a school bus and unleashed a tirade on some kids that were bullying his disabled child may avoid jail time. he was arrested for disorderly conduct following this september outburst on an orlando school bus. he said he snapped when his 12- year-old daughter said she was continually taunted and bullied
5:33 pm
on the bus and while jones says he wishes he could take back the incident he says he woke america up to the bullying problem. >> it is overwhelming the support we have. there are people out there that are negative but there are people that are very supportive and very caring out there. my heart goes out to parents that have to deal with bullies and parents that have bullies in the household. everybody needs to be aware of that. >> the plea deal calls for six months' probation, a $1000 fine, anger management classes and 10 hours of community service. it was another day of emotional testimony from kidnapping victim elizabeth smart. in her second day on the stand smart recounted in horrific detail what her accused abductor allegedly did to her including forcing her to take drugs and sexually abusing her. if convicted defendant brian david mitchell faces life behind malls. duke university has canceled tailgating activities for saturday's game against boston college. the move comes after a teenager
5:34 pm
was found unconscious in a portable toilet during last weekend's game. a letter to students did not say whether tailgating would be permitted for the season ending home game against north carolina. the teen is making a full recovery. there will be no more sale of alcohol drinks in washington state with caffeine in them. nine college students got sick at a party from a drink called four loco. one can is comparable to drinking five beers and the caffeine masks the alcohol's effect. efforts to bring a new convention center to downtown dc are finally coming to fruition. this is groundbreaking for the new hotel. the $537 million hotel is being built across the street from the dc convention center. city leaders say it will draw more big name conventions and generate millions more in tourism dollars.
5:35 pm
washington, dc, apparently is a winner. a new survey by the american human develop project finds our area is among the top five places to live in the u.s. based on life expectances,ancy. west virginia among the bottom. a smoke stack fell in the wrong direction during a demolition today in springfield, ohio. >> get out of here. get out of here. get out of here. get out of here. >> that is so not good. the ohio edison power stack came down on a generator and snapped the power lines as you just saw. the crash knocked power out to as many as 3500 customers. fortunately no one was hurt. the demolitions had been planned for months. >> well, our weather is slowly warming up a bit. meteorologist topper shutt is out on the terrace with your
5:36 pm
out and about forecast. >> i think they should have planned a month and a day. just a thought. the forecast. another very nice evening. clear skies across the board. 59 at 6:00 p.m. we go down to mid-50s by 8:00 p.m. and then it will fall pretty quickly. still a little above average. we will look at sunshine. 60 in fairfax. 61 in old town. downtown. great day. low 60s. cleveland park capitol hill and out towards prince george's county. temperatures around 60. upper marlboro. maybe 61. we will come back and tell you if this will last through the weekend. back to you. coming up next topper. in honor of veteran's day, disabled vets are finally getting their place on the national mall. coming up new at 6:00 p.m. the hunger fight in our area as the demands for food supplies
5:37 pm
increases. don't forget we are always on at stay with us. we will be right back.
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construction on a memorial dedicated to service members is underway. this morning hundreds of veterans and special guests gathered on the southwest site of the capitol. the 2.5-acre site is dedicated to the millions of living vets who were disabled by their service. they want to formally dedicate the memorial on veteran's day 2012. the national zoo is giving a special gift this holiday season announcing that the annual event known as zoo life will be free this year. the mascot is on hand.
5:40 pm
it opens on the 3rd. you can see a display of andy and bear. >> i have to check that out this year. >> get ready to brave the rapids of the colorado river. a new river called rivers at risk opened this friday at the museum. robert f. kennedy junior and explorer wade davis. one of the film's goals is to present realistic solutions to provide access to fresh drinking water. now we head to time saving traffic. >> prince george's county, outer loop beltway heavy and slow heading up to the v.w. parkway northbound v.w. parkway itself. stop and go zone. inner loop will be looking at stop and go from i-95 going down to 214 but all lanes should be open. looks like slowing on the beltway. inner loop from around old georgetown road.
5:41 pm
no incidents in the roadway there. virginia. southbound 395. that slow spot really all the way from washington boulevard down to duke street. slowing beyond 123. back to you. >> thank you so much, richard. a clash of the titans in chinatown tonight. coming up we will tell you why tonight's wizards game has millions tuning in halfway around the world. topper? >> time for your help. food drive 9. we need soup cans, tuna. fill up the bags. they will pick them up saturday morning. they left you a bag last saturday. go to any safeway locations inside the district and drop off food. help out. we appreciate it. but up next, our ready, set, shop deals of the day and a new toy you might want to put on the wish list. a name that ignites controversy. >> the white race is a race of devils.
5:42 pm
brings forth a bright new chapter in the most unlike of places. brett haber reports. lewis' grandson. 9traffic now is brought to you by geico. ♪
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right here. i'm going to click on it. it is a little small. has got a little bar code there. >> you would have to look real close at it. this thing may be the one thing you don't want to leave home without this shopping season. our partners at consumer reports launched a mobile shopping app. so you take it, you scan a bar code, and then it pulls up the price on the item. pulls up the reviews, tells you where it is cheaper to shop at a store or go online. a subscription to their one- year mobile application. you can take this and scan it in stores. works pretty much everywhere and now you, my sister are ready to get started. >> i'm taking notes, lesli. >> i see you there taking copious notes. got to get that rebate in. >> thank you, lesli. greeting restaurant patrons in arlington. this weekend the county board is expected to extend permits for eateries to play music and have outdoor dining.
5:48 pm
board members will also impose stricter regulations on restaurants to decrease noise and increase security in the surrounding residential areas. for more stories that are specific to where you live, head over to if you've got a story or news tip we want to hear it. contact us and be part of our team where you live. do we need a coat, sweater? a hat? we are confused. >> a little coat. and shades the next several days. which is actually a good thing. that means it will be sunny. here is your forecast first. next three days sunshine tomorrow. temperature around 61. little warmer on friday. low 60s. a great night for high school football. game time temps should hold in the 50s and nice on saturday. temperatures going into the upper 60s. we might even flirt with 70 before the weekend is out. that is a good thing. all right. thursday's day planner. 43 to start with sunshine. remember, that's a downtown
5:49 pm
temp so upper 30s in the burbs then everybody in the upper 50s by lunchtime and 59 by 5 p.m. crescent moon. clear skies. temperatures really nice. 61 downtown. 57 at college park. sterling 50 and leesburg at 57. for tonight, clear skies. relatively cold. 36 to 44. winds out of the north east at 5 to 10. so light winds. tomorrow morning, sunny and chilly. grab your shades and light coat. 30s and 40s. winds north easterly at 10. by afternoon for veteran's day a great day. sunny and pleasant. high temperatures around 60. winds still north easterly at about 10. all right. next seven days. 61 tomorrow. 63 on friday. look at the weekend. temperatures in the upper 60s to near 70. we will keep sunday dry as well. clouds come in monday. showers develop monday afternoon. rain continues monday night into tuesday. a little cooler on tuesday.
5:50 pm
low 50s. then right back up around 60 to partly cloudy skies on wednesday. speaking of applications our weather app has new features so if you have it update it. download it again. we have a snow layer that will come in handy. >> i'm still behind on apps. i got to get with the program. >> it is the thing. chinatown will be abuzz tonight. wizards are hosting the rockets and yao ming. can't miss him. he is only that tall. brett haber is live at the verizon center with more. >> yes, in the 64-year history in the nba only five players from china have ever suited up from a game and right now there are only two active chinese players in the nba and tonight in a game that is receiving massive attention back in that country those two players will suit up and play against one another in this building. of course, we are talking about the wizards leon and other
5:51 pm
player, the seven-time all-star center from the houston rockets yao ming. yao a massive star in china really on par with a lebron james type player in the u.s. consequently an estimated 400 million people will be tuning in for this game in china where it is 7:00 a.m. in the morning tomorrow right now. as for the wizards yee whose stardom is still emerging in his home country here is what he and his teammates had to say about the all china showdown. >> for maybe, people watching in china. hope i have a good game. >> he has respect. what he did for basketball over in china. gave him an opportunity. i think they both have a lot of respect for each other. >> hopefully he can come out
5:52 pm
and get his game going. it will be a good game. >> reporter: since we only get to see yao ming once a year, just for a highlight. this is nate robinson. he is 7'6". the small man was the big man that day. i threw that in for topper. i figured he would appreciate that play. we will be back at 6:00 p.m. with news of an nba legend who will address the wizards in their locker room tonight. for now live at the phone booth, i'm brett haber. guys, back to you. >> brett, if you can see the glow of topper right now. >> yes. >> he is elevating. >> the little guy gets on every once in a while. you're darn right. more american kids are being diagnosed with adhd. the government is going after smokers and potential smokers with a new ad that is
5:53 pm
graphic, even disturbing. stay with us for that. i'm peggy fox with where our traffic reporter is just about a month away from her due date. she is at that tired and uncomfortable stage. very unusual for such a high energy person. she has been video blogging about her pregnancy the whole way and i think it is a must see for anyone beginning the journey. a real account from someone who is not afraid to share what it is like. you can find it on the front page of [ older brother ] hey, that's the last crescent.
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enjoy cinnabon cinnamon... now in all pillsbury cinnamon rolls. dow finished up 10 points at 11,357. nasdaq climbed 15 points and s&p 500 jumped five points. a big change is coming to the wendy's menu. they are remaking its fries with russett potatoes. company officials say the move is to move to more real ingredients. this is the first major overhaul of weandy's fries in 40 years. in tonight's health alert new stats say it could be one out of 10 school age kids with
5:57 pm
adhd. the amount of kids diagnosed is up 22% in the last four years with the biggest increase among older children. the increase is most likely because of increased awareness. people are doing a better job of recognizing and diagnosing the condition. >> it affects people in all factors. whether you're rich or whether you're poor. it has no real care what your race or color is. >> the report found nearly two thirds of children with the condition are on medication or getting some kind of therapy. also tonight we are talking about one of the toughest types of transplant surgeries to tackle and how it changed the life of a dc teenager who lost more of his intestines to gunfire. >> reporter: it was back in 2006 that he went to a friend's party in a part of dc where someone had a beef with guys from his neighbor. an argument with a girl ended
5:58 pm
in retaliation. >> he is a great young guy who was in the wrong place at the wrong time and was shot by a stray bullet through the abdomen and injured the main artery to his entire intestinal track. >> reporter: a transplant surgery usually performs transplants in much younger children who have been born with congenital problems that keep their bodies from getting the nutrients they need. while maurice was on the transplant list he couldn't eat anything. frequent infections sent him to the hospital repeatedly and he became more and more withdrawn. >> nothing really to smile about in the hospital all day, every day, on medicines and ivs. >> reporter: georgetown is one of the few medical centers where doctors do small bowl transplants and maurice got his. while he will take antirejection medication from now on he is eating and living
5:59 pm
life fully again. he recently volunteered on adrian fenty's mayoral reelection campaign and has his sights set on college. >> 80% of the immune system cells are right there so you can only imagine the challenge to make one of these transplants a success. the doctor says they have gotten a whole lot better in the past ten years. thank you for joining us for 9 news at 5 p.m. 9news at 6p.m. is next. the food fight as more and more local people struggle to feed their children. this is 9news now "this broadcast realtime captioned by becky lyon." it is dinner time and there is a good chance that someone you know is hungry. thousands of working


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